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Barges can provide mobile power generation
Barges can provide mobile power generation

CRI has electrical generation plants available for sale, both barge-based and stationary. The units come in a variety of features and capacities, both new and reconditioned.

All power plant units are subject to prior sale. For prices on individual units, shipping, setup, and operation and management contracts, please contact CRI.

Barge Generators

CRI is involved in development and delivery of electrical generation stations on river barges. The barge concept provides stopgap power shortage remedies for Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and countries in South America that need immediate power supply without considerable time and plant investment. 

The barges are self-contained generating stations that can be ferried to any coastal location.  They consist of a power generating plant, fuel storage and coolant systems.  Typically, one barge carries the generating facility, another the fuel and a third the coolant.  Such a system can deliver energy ratings as low as 50 megawatts to as high as 106 megawatts. Power islands are also available to supply energy up to 800 megawatts.

If you have a specific energy need that you do not see addressed here, please let us know. We are usually able to meet custom orders.

A barge plant can be put in place and made operational in approximately six to eight months, including time spent in ferrying to even the remotest location. By contrast, construction of land-based power plants is usually about a two-year process. 

The cost of barge plants is about one-third that of traditional plants, resulting in substantial savings. Moreover, barge plants are almost immediately available. 

Click on a link below for more information about mobile power plants currently for sale by CRI, and check back often as this list is continually being updated.

Barge Power Plants (Used-Reconditioned)

50MW Power Barge 60HZ

104 MW Barge Power Plant 60HZ 

Stationary Generators

Click on a link below for more information about Stationary Power Plants currently for sale by CRI, and check back often as this list is continually being updated.

Used-Reconditioned Stationary Power Plants

144 MW Combustion Turbine 50HZ

Siemens 500 MW Power Island

GE Frame 7B Model 7001 Gas Turbine (2)

Westinghouse Model W501 D5 60 HZ 100 MW

New Stationary Power Plants

GE Frame 7 FA Gas Turbines 60HZ (Qty. 2)


CRI can also assist in financing for the purchase of electrical generation plants. We can customize a financing package to meet the customer's needs.

CRI has developed a select group of lenders who will finance projects around the world. Based upon the needs of the project, CRI can tailor financing that can be utilized on either a short term or long term basis.

Since each project is different based upon various factors including land, fuel, transmission lines, equipment and funding, CRI will complete a feasibility study, which will be utilized by its lenders to determine the best financing for the customer.